Saturday, November 11, 2006

I don't mean to neglect you

Should I apologise to my blogsite? I haven't paid her any attention for months. Despite this, she was patiently waiting for me when I logged in. To make it up to her, I did upgrade to the Google beta version. I'm really pleased with this version as it has tags! I love tags. I'm addicted to where I tag everything. I can now tag pages on my pbwiki sites too which is pretty cool. Now I'm back blogging, it will make this page a lot easier to navigate.

Where have I been, blog? What have I been doing (apart from playing Resident Evil 4 until 1:30 this morning?) Actually, I've been very busy on the book. I have more or less finished a rough draft of it and last week I finished polishing Chapter 6. I'm really pleased with what I've done over recent weeks as I've sorted out quite a few details that were causing me problems (such as how can Caliban have all these agents up on Terra when he has been locked away in the Endless for 30 years?)

So the second draft of the book is finished up to Chapter 7. What else have I been doing? Well, I did my first podcast and I'm quite pleased with it. It is up on my wiki site: which is the other thing I've been concentrating upon. The site has really come along over the past few months. It has pictures (ones I've drawn and others I have created from Creative Commons Flickr pictures). It also has an incredibly detailed glossary that took me an eternity. I have written quite a few appendices as well. I'm taking a break from the wiki site because I don't want to put up a lot of stuff I'd have to change later based on the drafting I'm currently doing.

I'm currently redrafting a chapter on the Pryderi. These witches have so much potential but they're a little one dimensional at the moment. I currently developing the character of Arinna Brine. I don't want to give too much away but she's one of those seemingly minor characters who returns to the novel in a big way. I don't think that spoils anything, but readers who are paying attention when they read Chapter 7 will see little hints of what is to come.

The preceding paragraph really highlights what I've been trying to do lately - build in hints and clues that foreshadow things to come in the novel. Nothing that occurs in the latter stages of the novel appears without any antecedent. (Is that the right word? It's a good thing I can always go back and edit the blog!) I don't want readers to get to the climax and think 'Well that's just shit! Where'd that come from?' I want everything to be justified, albeit in subtle ways. I want to reward readers who bother to read the novel a second time. Hopefully they'll see all the whispers that preceded the shouting.

That will do for now. I plan to attend to the blog once a week now, so I'll see you shortly. It's a warm November night and I should water the garden. I hope it rains tomorrow. I've almost forgotten what rain sounds like.

Cheers, Paul

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