Friday, April 21, 2006

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Welcome to 'Caliban's End: The Blog'! Your first question about this may well be "What on earth is 'Caliban's End'"? Well, to be truthful, Caliban's End isn't on earth. It's a place in a land called Terra which doesn't exist anywhere you've been. Caliban's End is also the title of Melbourne-based writer Paul Francis Stewart's first novel. In case you're wondering who Paul Francis Stewart is, that's an easy matter to settle - he's me! And before you start thinking "What sort of tosser includes his middle name in a blog?" I must categorically state, there are mitigating circumstances. There is already at least one published writer using the name Paul Stewart. In fact, I think there may be more. It's hardly surprising - it's such a ubiquitous coupling of words.

Moving on. This blog will chart developments in the novel Caliban's End. Although the book is far from complete, it is already over 500 pages. Future postings will discuss the details of the book, the characters, elements of the plot and theme and anything else that arouses interest in the novel, including the occasional extract. Of course, I won't be giving everything away, as I do want people to actually buy the book when it comes out. If it comes out.

If you have any queries or thoughts on this project, you can either post them here, or email me directly at: .

Cheers, Paul

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